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2021 DE HIPAA RISK ASSESSMENT REPORT – Fillable-Form PDF with 60 minute coaching (Existing Clients ONLY!)

Price: $399.00

HIPAA requires that every healthcare office provide and keep an updated RISK ASSESSMENT REPORT that reflects your offices compliance with the current HIPAA Security & Privacy Rules. This Report will be one of the first things a HIPAA Auditor will ask to see if they visit your office.Be prepared! Within our HIPAA COMPLETE or ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGES, we provide you with a government-issued template, that allows you to complete your Risk Assessment Report. Many of our clients have found this to be cumbersome, time-consuming, difficult-to-read, understand and fill-out. In an effort to streamline your efforts in completing this requirement and save time too, we now offer the DE RISK ASSESSMENT REPORT – Fillable-Form PDF. It’s straightforward language design, fillable-format-- paired with a 60 minute HIPAA coaching session from one of our HIPAA experts, will have you compliant in no time! Our solution will save you up to 20 hours in valuable time and many of the required answers are already within our template! Compared to other Risk Assessment Report options (priced between $2000-$3000), our solution is the smart, efficient choice!